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Gluten Free, Whole Food Snacks + Treats

Free of Refined Sugar, Artificial Additives & Processed Ingredients

Boho Bake Shop began from an enthusiasm for health & wellness and a passion for great food. Prior to starting Boho Bake Shop, Nicole was working in the corporate world and felt as though she was making very little difference in the world and community in which she lived. While preparing for a business trip, she tried to find a packaged bar to take with her, but wasn’t able to find one that was made without artificial additives or processed ingredients. She wasn’t willing to settle for an unhealthy snack, so she made her own.

The result was our first version of our Boho Bars. After returning from the business trip, Nicole realized that there was no way she would have the time to make all her own snacks every week. She felt defeated: she wanted to make healthy choices, but the realities of her schedule just didn't allow it.

She realized that if she was having this problem, there must be others that are struggling too. Boho Bake Shop was created when Nicole realized how many people, herself included, struggle on a daily basis to make healthy choices but are limited by the unavailability of options that are convenient, healthy and taste good. Nicole wanted to be a part of the solution to this problem

Forever a free spirit, Nicole left her full time job in 2015 to manifest her passion of creating healthy, whole food treats and snacks with bold flavours. What started as a passion has grown into a full lifestyle brand. We've created a variety of products, all handcrafted and made with only the highest quality ingredients. Our focus is on flavour, quality, and using pure ingredients.